Facility Usage


Facility Rental

Designated areas of our facility are available for rent either on a one-time or regular basis for a nominal fee. The fields, gymnasium, cafetorium and stage area, and the recreation rooms are available for rental when not in use. Renters must provide a valid insurance certificate listing Cape Cod Challenger Club, Cape Cod Collaborative and the Town of Barnstable as additional insured. Rental or use of the kitchen area is not available. Renters must provide qualified and responsible adult supervision at all times. Special consideration is given to groups providing services or activities to the special needs population

More Information

For more information, please contact: kelvin@capecodchallenger.org
ALCOHOL AND TOBACCO ARE FORBIDDEN anywhere in, on, or around the property


Parties and Special Events

Are you looking for a place that you can bring your kids and let them be themselves to run, scream, laugh and have fun without feeling the anxiety of worrying about those around you? For a nominal fee we will help you host your birthday party or special event by providing you the space and inflatable structure/bounce house to let your kids burn-off their seemingly boundless energy. If you would like, we can also supply any necessary food, beverage, cake or dessert that you request. Also, if you want to sit back and relax we can even provide you with teenage Aides who have been trained to work with your children to help supervise activities.